sick and tired

procrastination is taking its toll on me. its as if the more you procrastinate, the more likely you will feel your enthusiasm being drained out of your system. i hate this. its an endless cycle.once you start procrastinating you have to break the cycle pronto. delaying further will only make matters worst. im having my osce this thursday and yet i feel hopeless and unprepared.

so i have to wake up and start studying. and maybe i could literally pin my sleepy eyes to keep me awake.

hey hey missdoctorinthehouse!
remember your purpose.
your every second of time wasting could present a risk to your future patients.
any knowledge missed could save your patients life.
you are here to perform your responsibility to study.
you do your best baby.your very best. doing this half-heartedly is not an option.its out of the topic.
you are alive because Allah has sent you down this assignment called life and it is to be presented later in the here after. and you only have this moment. this limited amount of time and its draining fast and it wont come back or add up ,NEVER!

master the time given to you, dont let it make you do the chasing!


yeahhhhh!!! ( totally unrelated picture, go catss! i must stop lazin around.)

hardcore study mode ON RIGHT NOW


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