i have just finished osce.. it was not perfect… as usual.but i am happy. alhamdulillah..i made it through… i was so happy because although i cant get the murmur at first , but i heard the 3rd heart sound.the doctor said i heard the difficult part but not hearing the murmur..and i was the only one who heard it so far that day!! i was happy just by that fact. and i did pretty well on the others. its funny to see the different kind of personalities examining me. some dont even care how you examine.. some dont even look at you..some are so friendly and nice…some helped a lot..

btw im so happy to be listening to s3. this is a drive for me to study harder and become a cardiologist. it aint easy, nor it looks possible at this moment, but i know i can do it, with allahs will. so this holiday i wanna study the things i think i lack of. i know its a joke to study during the holidays, but i really want to and i hope i will because i am so enthusiastic of becoming a doctor. i want to this with all my hearts content. and of course… please always always renew your intention…

i did well not merely because of my hard work, but it is with Allahs will. 🙂


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