Loss of consciousness in DM

This is a question that one of my friends got for osce.
Lets discuss it briefly,
What are other causes of loss of consciousness in patients with DM?

In notes and books, its the usual DKA, hypoglycemia, stroke.

Ok.but then what else?? When we read this up in our notes have we really took some time to think what else can affect a DM PATIENT’S CONSCIOUSNESS?

Most probably no. And that , my dear ,is a problem. Because when medic is merely about memorizing its a problem..trust me it is.

Lets try to think outside the box. Hmmm DM PATIENTS.. So?? Is it only possible for his loss of consciousness to root from his disease? He’s like any human being too..so anything that may rip off our consciousness may do the same to these patients.

In some notes, are written answers like trauma, meningitis, encephalits, etc
Basically anything that may make him lose consciousness even though it may not be directly related to his diabetic state.
Hmm. What if he has diabetic nephropathy? Can his deteriorating kidney affect his condition?? Take for example.. Uremic encephalopathy? Or if his heart is affected which ends by cardiogenic shock? or if he has a concurrent hypertension which leads to heart failure, he could probably suffer complication due to that.or possibly hypertensive encephalopathy? There are so many causes you can think of.

I dont know whether this is right or wrong.but ill go into the depths of the deatils regarding this matter afterwards.its just something to incite my thoughts.


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