Old book


This is my daddys book.
One fine day, when i was back at home, i had the urge to ask daddy

“can you teach me ECG?”

So instead of literally teaching me, he gave me his old book.

( i guess that indirectly means… DONT BE LAZY TO READ ON YOUR OWN.LOL)

” read this..its a good book. You can read it overnight. I even memorized it back then.”

In one night??
I guess there was a big gap between me and daddy as a medical student…because this CLEARLY shows that i am relatively lazy compared to daddy( relatively?? Oh come onn… Just say lazier.hahah)

I still remembered how daddy used to say that by the time he was a third year student he was running around chasing medical officers . He was practically like a doctor already!!!


This is an old book but its available in stores but in a new version of course. I have the new version. But my preference goes to my dads old book.its simpler and easier to read, and you acquire this odd feeling as if you are travelling backward in time and imagining what was dad like when he was a student?

So yes, its a motivation.my dad didnt come from a wealthy and rich family. He earned his scholarship by working hard. In those days, it wasnt easy to get a scholarship. He always reminded me how determined he was to become a doctor. He studied really hard and didnt have much time to enjoy( COMPLETE OPPOSITE).

And perhaps, if i cant be exactly as determined as daddy, at least ill have to do this with all my heart.
I will
I can
I will!!



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