Hello !

Currently in surgery dept… We are approaching the end of medicine school. But that does not mean its the last time we’ll see medic books.

As ive said before, gaining knowledge is a continuous and endless process!!! ( yawnssss.i know everyone knows that)

To tell you the truth, i miss internal medicine so much!! ;(

Come on , come on, lets gather some gusto for surgery!!!
1st week will always be the most blurry week, i suppose.
There are so many items to catch up on!!!

I am ready for you, surgery..

Btw, i feel relatively stupid for the first 2 days.
That always happens…for the first few days.

A reminder for moi:
We are always insufficient in terms of knowledge.
Seek for knowledge like a hungry lion.
There is nothing absolutely correct in medicine.
Speak up your frank opinion.
Have some confidence!!!
Respect your own time, by not procrastinating
Be humble
Renew your intentions
Itqan fil amal!!!


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