School starts

Holidays are over. And my heart is still not back from the holidays….( not that my holidays are so much fun though…)

Tell me how can i gather my enthusiasm to face surgery dept??

Btw, i had a pretty structured holiday. Not so much of the typical holiday…most people watched movies and shows( if not travelling) and i dont even watch movies but only malay dramas..
I Read books. Medic ,non medic, motivational, my life’s manual… I am beginning to love reading.and did other trivial but wonderful things. I think ive just realized that spending futile hours n hours of tv entertainment would leave me feeling sick and depressed. And i dont wish to have back my addiction of watching too much dramas…i used to …


Renew your intention and when you feel like you start to procrastinate.kill it! Say 1,2,3 and start moving. Dont rest on your laurels. Excellent doctors never rest on their laurels.get out of your comfort zone!!

Lets warm up and get back on track! YOU CAN DO THIS!


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