Its been a long time..


..Since i updated this blog..

I am pretty busy…i jot more notes than searching pics on the net…and even if i do..i feel like my time is constricted…

I have just finished my cardithoracic was OK. Not up to my expectations though.
I keep on thinking what are other ways for me to improve? Medicine aint easy…how can i excel? I suppose i have done a lot to strive and be a good doctor..but why do i feel like what i did was never enough?? Medicine is like can never be enough..even if you think you know everything…you still wont be able to grasp EVERYTHING. Its hard.o allah plz make it easy for me…i am struggling..
I have to work harder..and smarter. Sometimes i cant imagine whats life like if you keep on skipping classes.

Dont you feel scared? Are you trying to be the ‘just ok’ doctor and not feel guilty about missing the knowledge great professor are about to hand down to you? Dont you? I guess if mediocrity is your aim, you wont even bother to go near the borderline between your comfort zone and the red zone(where you have to sacrifice some things in order to achieve better things)

Seriously i keep on condemning those who skip classes but it truly annoys me. If i have the guts i will say it to their face.SHAME ON YOU!

Ok.back to my story.
The finals are getting nearer.and i am getting more and more insecure.i make mistakes, and alhamdulillah mistakes are here for a reason.IF YOU LEARN FROM THEM.

Starting from now on, i must be more precise, and meticuluous. Doctors need that!
Dont take things for granted and always revise!
You cant remember everything in one night!
I have poor memory.(i am not joking)
That is why i have to do extra work to remember something.

I am just an average student.i was never the top student or anything near that. I repeat … know…. Not stupid nor a genius.

Well, sometimes, what annoys me, is that..if i try to voice my opinion or correct a fact stated by so called superstar geniuses… You get ignored..or pushed aside… You are regarded as ‘unreliable’ when the truth is you just want to state the truth.and thats it. stings to feel that way.
I dont know how genius people look down to us average people…but i feel like a poor puppy being looked down at by a bulldog or something.

I just want to do my best…however…sometimes…it does not sound as easy as it is…
I have a problem with discipline.and that sucks.boohoo.but i will try harder from now onwards.

And youre doing the best for the sake of what? If it is for the sake of fame and money…you are on the wrong lane..
I want to do this for the sake of Allah…and do just that is a challenge!

To have an aim is probably one of the most essential things to kick start your journey towards a better you.

So here are some mistakes i have learnt and they are to be corrected by :
1. Do this for the sake of allah
2. You have that power to change if you push yourself hard enough. Igt, Allah tak akan mengubah nasib sesuatu kaum melainkan kaum itu sendiri cuba utk berubah.
3. Dont take the small things for granted. Every little detail is essential. Every tiny weeny detail!
4. To achieve better things, there are some things you need to sacrifice. You sleep, your leisure time…etc.
5. Think like a doctor. Read your books and imagine there is patient in front of you for you to treat.can you manage?
6. Revision is essential for people with poor memory(best example :ME)
7. i may not be a genius. But at least i can work hard to be better.



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