Booster dose


Despite the fact that i am falling in love for cardiology, i dont think its a wise idea to start and reveal my ambition to my parents….just yet.

My parents are almost perfectionist.they are somewhat insatiable to begin with. Even if you do so much,or your best, that just might not be the best for them. Plus, my dad has issues. I dont know why for some reasons he is very likely to underestimate my abilities. But its a motivational drive for me. I take the good doubt, i get hurt at times. But being hurt is good .it keeps you strong.

People may wonder, how are you going to do this for the sake of allah. I am not an excellent candidate to answer that.but basically, if you love your CREATOR, you just want to do the best that you can. So that He will recognize you for doing something.

Just do your very best. Your very2 best!!!Maximum output ok!


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