Past year questions


1-Lines of treatment hyperTGdemia in diabetic pt (06,08)
2-Give short account on indication of insulin theraphy in type 2 DM
3-Mechanism in neuropathy in DM (95)
4-Cp of hypoglycemic coma (95)
5-Rx of DI (95)
6-Causes and pathogenesis of DKA (96,00)
7-Etiology and phatogenesis if hypoglycemia (02,05,07)
8-Rx of type-2 DM
9-Cardiovascular complication of DM (03)
10-Rx of DKA (03,08)
11-Skin changes in DM (03)
12-Enumerate 6 oral anti-diabetic agents (04,08)
13-Rx of diabetic microalbunuria (05)
14-Medical nutrition theraphy in DM (07)
15- Dx of gestational DM (07)
16-Approach to hyperglycemia pt (08)
17-Discuss non-pharma Mx of DM (08)
18-Features of Diabetic dyslipidemia (08)


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