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Its just a little crush


My medic crush just replied my message medic questions regarding cardiology.duhh.

Im so happy!!!


Booster dose


Despite the fact that i am falling in love for cardiology, i dont think its a wise idea to start and reveal my ambition to my parents….just yet.

My parents are almost perfectionist.they are somewhat insatiable to begin with. Even if you do so much,or your best, that just might not be the best for them. Plus, my dad has issues. I dont know why for some reasons he is very likely to underestimate my abilities. But its a motivational drive for me. I take the good doubt, i get hurt at times. But being hurt is good .it keeps you strong.

People may wonder, how are you going to do this for the sake of allah. I am not an excellent candidate to answer that.but basically, if you love your CREATOR, you just want to do the best that you can. So that He will recognize you for doing something.

Just do your very best. Your very2 best!!!Maximum output ok!

Cardiology love!

I am falling head over heels over cardiology.
I am determined to become one!!! Biiznillah…

allah knows best.


Where is your love for medicine?

Salam, hi finals are very near so i am going to make kontot notes for easy reference.
I will start today with paediatric surgery ok?


Its been a long time..


..Since i updated this blog..

I am pretty busy…i jot more notes than searching pics on the net…and even if i do..i feel like my time is constricted…

I have just finished my cardithoracic was OK. Not up to my expectations though.
I keep on thinking what are other ways for me to improve? Medicine aint easy…how can i excel? I suppose i have done a lot to strive and be a good doctor..but why do i feel like what i did was never enough?? Medicine is like can never be enough..even if you think you know everything…you still wont be able to grasp EVERYTHING. Its hard.o allah plz make it easy for me…i am struggling..
I have to work harder..and smarter. Sometimes i cant imagine whats life like if you keep on skipping classes.

Dont you feel scared? Are you trying to be the ‘just ok’ doctor and not feel guilty about missing the knowledge great professor are about to hand down to you? Dont you? I guess if mediocrity is your aim, you wont even bother to go near the borderline between your comfort zone and the red zone(where you have to sacrifice some things in order to achieve better things)

Seriously i keep on condemning those who skip classes but it truly annoys me. If i have the guts i will say it to their face.SHAME ON YOU!

Ok.back to my story.
The finals are getting nearer.and i am getting more and more insecure.i make mistakes, and alhamdulillah mistakes are here for a reason.IF YOU LEARN FROM THEM.

Starting from now on, i must be more precise, and meticuluous. Doctors need that!
Dont take things for granted and always revise!
You cant remember everything in one night!
I have poor memory.(i am not joking)
That is why i have to do extra work to remember something.

I am just an average student.i was never the top student or anything near that. I repeat … know…. Not stupid nor a genius.

Well, sometimes, what annoys me, is that..if i try to voice my opinion or correct a fact stated by so called superstar geniuses… You get ignored..or pushed aside… You are regarded as ‘unreliable’ when the truth is you just want to state the truth.and thats it. stings to feel that way.
I dont know how genius people look down to us average people…but i feel like a poor puppy being looked down at by a bulldog or something.

I just want to do my best…however…sometimes…it does not sound as easy as it is…
I have a problem with discipline.and that sucks.boohoo.but i will try harder from now onwards.

And youre doing the best for the sake of what? If it is for the sake of fame and money…you are on the wrong lane..
I want to do this for the sake of Allah…and do just that is a challenge!

To have an aim is probably one of the most essential things to kick start your journey towards a better you.

So here are some mistakes i have learnt and they are to be corrected by :
1. Do this for the sake of allah
2. You have that power to change if you push yourself hard enough. Igt, Allah tak akan mengubah nasib sesuatu kaum melainkan kaum itu sendiri cuba utk berubah.
3. Dont take the small things for granted. Every little detail is essential. Every tiny weeny detail!
4. To achieve better things, there are some things you need to sacrifice. You sleep, your leisure time…etc.
5. Think like a doctor. Read your books and imagine there is patient in front of you for you to treat.can you manage?
6. Revision is essential for people with poor memory(best example :ME)
7. i may not be a genius. But at least i can work hard to be better.



There is a vast difference between the people who ‘just read’ , the people who read and memorize, and the people who read and understand to finally memorize.

Dear bloggie

Salam. i am today writing this post just to tell you dear medic bloggie, i feel like i am so worn out.i have been studying and forcing myself to strive for excellence…and here i am…oh here i am lil bloggie…. I am worn out… So worn out like a worn out shoes… I feel like i am a shoe that has been running for miles and miles…holidays arent really real holidays… Thanks to me…

Oh dear, what should i do?
To come and think of it… Arent us humans suppose to feel that way?
I mean…. Yeah…as i have said before….
Life is an assignment… And i have to work hard …..just this once… YES.. Just this one chance of doing my assignment called life…. And then… You are going to rest for so long before you get to present your assignment… And there is no turning back…. The reward is either heaven or hell…. And its actually up to you to pave your direction…

Its true…we need rest. In fact…rest is so powerful that it can literally double your outcome…
So rest…get enough rest not merely for the sake of resting…. But preparing yourself to gear yourself up on your way to accomplish your assignment…

Smile…. Dont worry too much…. Dont exhaust yourself worrying things that wont matter in a years time…

Boost up your motivation….you have been raised up to be motivated… Thats what you have livedwith all your life…

Do this with all your heart… Who says its easy?? But its not impossible anyway…….
Renew your intention…and thats the very first step…cleanse your heart….oh allah…..give me strength…

Being a doctor is difficult… Sometimes…you ask yourself… How can i keep this up??? Its almost impossible!!!!!!

But remember…nothing is impossible….when you have Allah , the greatest, and the most beneficent…. The one who created this vast universe…… What do you need to be afraid of????

Be confident….!
Trust yourself!
I know you can do this!!!
You are the chosen one!!! Alhamdulillah!!!
i have been chosen this path by Allah because I can handle this…. allah wont burden us with something that is out of our abilities….. Allah knows best…

I am grateful…i am happy…. That i am here… Alhamdulillah,..thank you Allah…

Medicine is so much fun!

School starts

Holidays are over. And my heart is still not back from the holidays….( not that my holidays are so much fun though…)

Tell me how can i gather my enthusiasm to face surgery dept??

Btw, i had a pretty structured holiday. Not so much of the typical holiday…most people watched movies and shows( if not travelling) and i dont even watch movies but only malay dramas..
I Read books. Medic ,non medic, motivational, my life’s manual… I am beginning to love reading.and did other trivial but wonderful things. I think ive just realized that spending futile hours n hours of tv entertainment would leave me feeling sick and depressed. And i dont wish to have back my addiction of watching too much dramas…i used to …


Renew your intention and when you feel like you start to procrastinate.kill it! Say 1,2,3 and start moving. Dont rest on your laurels. Excellent doctors never rest on their laurels.get out of your comfort zone!!

Lets warm up and get back on track! YOU CAN DO THIS!

Old book


This is my daddys book.
One fine day, when i was back at home, i had the urge to ask daddy

“can you teach me ECG?”

So instead of literally teaching me, he gave me his old book.

( i guess that indirectly means… DONT BE LAZY TO READ ON YOUR OWN.LOL)

” read this..its a good book. You can read it overnight. I even memorized it back then.”

In one night??
I guess there was a big gap between me and daddy as a medical student…because this CLEARLY shows that i am relatively lazy compared to daddy( relatively?? Oh come onn… Just say lazier.hahah)

I still remembered how daddy used to say that by the time he was a third year student he was running around chasing medical officers . He was practically like a doctor already!!!


This is an old book but its available in stores but in a new version of course. I have the new version. But my preference goes to my dads old book.its simpler and easier to read, and you acquire this odd feeling as if you are travelling backward in time and imagining what was dad like when he was a student?

So yes, its a dad didnt come from a wealthy and rich family. He earned his scholarship by working hard. In those days, it wasnt easy to get a scholarship. He always reminded me how determined he was to become a doctor. He studied really hard and didnt have much time to enjoy( COMPLETE OPPOSITE).

And perhaps, if i cant be exactly as determined as daddy, at least ill have to do this with all my heart.
I will
I can
I will!!



i have just finished osce.. it was not perfect… as usual.but i am happy. alhamdulillah..i made it through… i was so happy because although i cant get the murmur at first , but i heard the 3rd heart sound.the doctor said i heard the difficult part but not hearing the murmur..and i was the only one who heard it so far that day!! i was happy just by that fact. and i did pretty well on the others. its funny to see the different kind of personalities examining me. some dont even care how you examine.. some dont even look at you..some are so friendly and nice…some helped a lot..

btw im so happy to be listening to s3. this is a drive for me to study harder and become a cardiologist. it aint easy, nor it looks possible at this moment, but i know i can do it, with allahs will. so this holiday i wanna study the things i think i lack of. i know its a joke to study during the holidays, but i really want to and i hope i will because i am so enthusiastic of becoming a doctor. i want to this with all my hearts content. and of course… please always always renew your intention…

i did well not merely because of my hard work, but it is with Allahs will. 🙂