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Cor pulmonale

How copd leads to cor pulmonale
Hypoxic pulmonary VC
pulmonary vascular remodelling
Lung hyperinflation– compresses the capillaries ( alveolar wall stretches)


i am in chest department now.yoohoo





know your lobes please.
the doctor asked what was learnt 4 years ago!!!!!

the lower lobes for both rt and lt has 5 mini lobes: apical ,post,ant,lat, med.

mediastinum is a SPACE NOT A STRUCTURE!

The most common malignancies that cause SVCS is bronchogenic carcinoma.

extra toppings

steroids rarely cause PU
it enhance the ulcerogenic effect of NSAID

carcinoid syndrome is an array of symptoms caused by carcinoid tumours which release serotonin and kallikrein

serotonin increase git motility when any threat is present, to get rid of the inslting agent A.S.A.P

pyoderma gangrenosum in IBD is associated with an aggresive course ( badprognosis)

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